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    Andover Mortgage
    Ten Teaberry Lane
    Andover, MA 01810

    ph: 978.974.0000
    fax: 978.974.9199

    Andover Mortgage Corporation
    Corporate License:
    NMLS #2116

    Licensed Mortgage Broker
    NMLS #12801

    Richard Roda
    Loan Originator:
    NMLS #12801

    We arrange but
    do not make loans.

    Massachusetts License:
    #MB 2116

    Andover Mortgage Corp.
    All Rights Reserved

Requested Document Broker/Customer Check List
Massachusetts - Application

Self-Employed Adder
  • Signed Tax Returns For Two Years And Ytd Profit And Loss Statement
  • Irs Form 4506 (Signed By Self-Employed Borrower)
Purchase Property Adder
  • Fully Executed Purchase &Amp; Sale Agreement (Signed)
  • Copy Of Real Estate Listing For Taxes
  • Copy Of Earnest Money Deposit With Real Estate Broker
  • Gift Letter/With Source

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